Name: Galina Scatova
Organization and Position: CEO “MalDuMal”
Country: From Moldavia living in Germany

Description of the business idea

Unleash creativity!

MalDuMal – Founded in September 2017.

“I can do this!”, immediately popped into Galina Scatova’s head when she learned that the director of Mannheim’s MalDuMal painting school was leaving their role.

Yet, despite her open eyes and ears with which she tends to go through the world, she had not been looking for such an opportunity. But when two life paths cross in such an ideal way that a successful, wonderful idea can continue to exist, then chance has played a really good game.

However, the foundation does not go without hurdles.

Scatova modernized the painting school’s offerings in order to successfully manage the generational change. She strengthened the unique, child-friendly atmosphere and implemented new ideas that appealed to children, teens, and adults alike. From drawing to gouache painting to sculptural work with various materials – no one is set creative limits.

The new principal knows how to convey art historical backgrounds and insights into the biographies of great artists in an age-based way.

Everyone who has just joined the painting school stays and brings friends. The website, flyers, and personal recommendations also have an effect: soon several groups can be formed.

As the founder looks back on the start-up phase, Scatova said “It was an important signal for me when I was able to pay the rent for the first time from the income of the painting school”.

Painting is the great passion of the mother of five children, who came to Germany from Moldova in 2009. In her homeland, she worked as an accredited Phys. Ed. Instructor and had studied for several semesters at the Kishinev State Academy of Arts. Arriving in Mannheim, she quickly became involved in the cultural sector and participated in several exhibitions.

The fact that she was now able to turn her passion into a profession and share it so intensively with others, young and old alike – can’t be a coincidence.

Provide a brief description of your business. What do you do in a nutshell?

I am running a painting school for children but also for adults.

Which sector does your business idea belong to?

Creative economy

Describe the opportunity: What problem does your business idea solve? What challenges and pain points are you resolving for users/customers?

I help people being creative. Painting helps to focus on what you are doing and in our world of today its nice to have distraction from our screen-based leisure activities. It helps to calm down.

Describe the company: What does your company do?

From drawing to gouache painting to sculpting with different materials – there are no creative limits to anyone. I over courses for children, for families and also for teenagers and adults.

Describe the Team: How many people were involved from the beginning? How were they involved?

Right now, it’s just me running the painting school. But as I took the painting school over, I was in contact with my previous owner for a long time and learned a lot from her.

Describe the Target Market: Who is your target market? Who makes up your target audience?

Especially children and families but also teenagers and adults.

Implementation Timeline: Briefly, how did your business roll-out? Which phases were involved until it was up and running?

As it was a business take over I was lucky that there were already a lot of processes running and I also had already clients. I adapted the offers a little bit to my ideas, developed new formats and classes, and had to adapt a little bit the marketing strategy.


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