Name: Mariam Makharadze
Organization: Avaliani by Makharadze Mariam
Country: Italy

Description of the business idea

Provide a brief description of your business. What do you do in a nutshell?

My company, Avaliani, offers the public a selection of garments made of organic fibers and handmade jewelry.

Which sector does your business idea belong to?

Textile and retail

Describe the opportunity: What problem does your business idea solve? What challenges and pain points are you resolving for users/customers?

We are committed to offering an alternative to disastrous fast shopping, offering ecological and long-lasting products. Our products do not contain plastic and are made in compliance with eco-sustainability.

Avaliani is a sole proprietorship that works in the retail of European brands and also offers its own clothing line, all uniquely plastic-free. We also have our own collection of handmade jewels enriched with semi-precious gems.

Describe the Team: How many people were involved from the beginning? How were they involved?

The Avaliani team consists of four people working in boutiques, a team of Georgian seamstresses and goldsmiths, and Indian stone carvers.

Describe the Target Market: Who is your target market? Who makes up your target audience?

Although our store is located in a tourist area, our target market is represented by residents.

Implementation Timeline: Briefly, how did your business roll-out? Which phases were involved until it was up and running?

A phase of bureaucratic preparation was followed by the production phase; the design of the store and the initial collections lasted five months.

Funding Required: How much did it cost to begin approximately? Where did the initial funding go? How did you acquire that funding?

No funding was requested due to the bureaucratic limits imposed by the various funds destined for Southern Italy, for our product category. Starting the business cost approximately one hundred thousand euros in personal savings.

Brief Financial Profitability Estimate: How long did it take for your business to become profitable?

We are in our second year of activity and it is difficult to talk about financial profitability considering the very high taxation present in Italy.

Industry Analysis: What are some key elements related to being successful in your industry? What does your business have that your competitors don’t?

I believe that quality and customer care are fundamental for the growth of the company. In addition to the peculiarity of our products, we are sincerely proud to promote a sustainable working model.

SWOT Analysis: What are the main Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your company?

Our strength is our team, the passion we have for our work and customer feedback. Currently, the only perceived obstacle is taxation, which makes growth and expansion impossible.

Legal Requirements: What are the basic legal requirements for someone to start this business in your country? Are there any licenses they need to obtain?

The first thing necessary is the opening of the VAT number and the request for the trade of precious objects.

Individual skills

Which hard skills and specific knowledge will the individual require to become successful if they implement your business idea?

Having gained experience in business development and customer service/sales is essential to start this business.

Which soft skills will the individual require to become successful if they implement your business idea? (communication skills, leadership skills, etc.)

Of fundamental importance is problem solving skills and personnel management.


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